Design and manufacturing high-end furniture

Sitdesign is a company that manufactures highly qualified furniture and interior items.
Established in the Netherlands 1982.

Production was moved to Turkey in 1992.

Strong craftsmanship and high-quality aesthetic modeling are the main features.

With a very extensive range of products, Sitdesign can set up a complete space without being dependent on third parties. 

Sitdesign offers her customers prior to production, a comprehensive design capability.

The design department works hard to present the final result beforehand.

You will see the result in detail before placing the order.

Sitdesign designs not only the furniture but also the floor, walls, ceiling, doors, windows, lighting and all accessories.

Sitdesign consult the entire project from start to finish. Our experienced interior architects are at all stages of the project.

Sitdesign manufactures everything in her own factory: tables, chairs, sideboards, consoles, coffee tables, chesterfield sofas, contemporary seating, beds, wardrobes, nightstands, make-up tables. Wall panels, separate walls, TV units, bookshelves, artwork.

Sitdesign works with the most diverse materials, such as: solid wood, veneer, panels, metal, brass, stainless steel, fabric, leather, glass, marble, granite.