In sofa manufacturer terms we are pretty unusual. Not only are we one of the best Chesterfield manufacturers around today, but we also deal directly with you, the actual customer. We don’t use middlemen, or agencies or sell through third parties. We don’t buy sub-standard furniture from The Far East and label it as our own. We only craft our own from our workshop.

This means that when you deal with us, we know exactly what we are talking about when offering advice, there are no hidden charges and we have full control of the process from your inquiry, to manufacturing to delivery by our delivery teams.

We’re proud to be a solid company offering iconic Chesterfield furniture, made by amazing craftsmen, and feel privileged to serve the public and beyond.

Heritage and History

From humble beginnings, the company has grown into a highly respected furniture maker with a reputation for producing quality sofas and chairs for both the region and worldwide.

This reputation has stemmed from 30 years of graft and dedication of its talented staff, many of whom have been with the business from the very start.

Ergonomical comfort

With Sit Design Chesterfields, you can make a sofa or chair bespoke to your requirements.

Being the manufacturer means we can tweak or alter dimensions of varying elements of your chosen Chesterfield and create a piece that is unique to you.

The beauty is that most of the alterations we can make the cost very little. It all depends on what and how many changes you would like to implement.

True hand-crafted quality

It’s hard to believe but every single one of ur Chesterfields is hand-crafted in our workshop.
Creating an authentic Chesterfield is paramount to our ethos and is the main reason we have endeavored to continue adopting as many of the time-honored traditional methods and practices needed to make these legendary pieces.
It helps that we have a dedicated team of highly skilled craftsmen and upholsterers within our workforce who are true masters of their trade.
What they don’t know about making Chesterfields isn’t worth knowing.

Fınd yours