by Sit design

Customized Manufacture

Elegance & Comfort

Realized designs can be produced as custom work. As desired and material of your choice. The product uses 1st class fabric or genuine leather. Materials are selected with sd studio support along with countless options. High-quality wood, metal and marble selections are made for our wood series.
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Genuine Leather

Choosing the covering is an important aspect of personalizing your furniture.
  Sitdesign offers more than skin varieties of leather, so every aficionado of this fine
 natural product can find what they want in this collection.
  The enormous experience of the Sitdesign leather experts stands as  guarantor for the loveliest
 varieties of leather; pure nature,  with a splendid touch and  the loveliest colours.
  There is a right choice for every form of use. Find out everything there is to know about the properties of  the various  varieties of Sitdesign genuine  leather collection.

Wood Custom Work

Sitwood gives the right to choose by offering materials such as marble,metal,wood,integrated with leather and fabric in the desired color. 
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