Terms of Use


We accept the responsibility for our work! 

SITDESIGN is convinced both of the quality of its products as well as that of the materials used. As a producer of exclusive furniture, we offer our customers a special service in the form of a comprehensive manufacturer warranty, which in part applies irrespective of the statutory warranty.

For new products produced, SITDESIGN makes a guarantee to purchasers for defects within the warranty period in design, fabrication, workmanship, and materials by the following provisions:

1. Warranty periods:

On frames and upholstery:

3 years

On operation and mechanism:

2 years

On gas pressure springs:

2 years

On leather covering:

3 years

On fabric covering:

2 years

Important: This manufacturer’s guarantee expressly applies in addition to and irrespective of the seller’s statutory and/or contractual warranty. It, will, however, be ruled out if the purchaser should make a claim vis-à-vis the seller for the same defect based on a statutory or contractual warranty. Therefore, the purchaser’s warranty rights vis-à-vis the seller will not be affected by this guarantee.

2. Warranty claims should be lodged with and handled by the specialized dealer at which the furniture was purchased. The furniture must then be available for assessment of the warranty claim and repair. Customers will have no claim based on this manufacturer warranty to reimbursement of costs that have arisen to them in connection with asserting their warranty claims (such as telephone costs, postage costs, travel expenses, etc.) unless it should be demonstrated that SITDESIGN has acted in breach of contract.

3. The warranty period begins on delivery by SITDESIGN of the SITDESIGN product to the client.

4. This manufacturer warranty will only apply to SITDESIGN products, which the purchaser: uses according to instructions, operates and sets up correctly, and takes proper care of. The specific SITDESIGN care instructions will be the standard for this. The following will be excluded from the manufacturer warranty: damage attributable to excessive use or misuse, damage due to accidents or force majeure, damage attributable to noncompliance with the SITDESIGN specifications in this Guarantee Certificate, improper use, deliberate destruction, damage caused by unauthorized modification or repair by third parties, damage caused by animals, damage occurring during transport or caused by dropping, soiling of any kind, damage to covering materials caused by sharp or pointed objects.

5. The scope of SITDESIGN’s guarantee obligations will comply with the following provisions:


SITDESIGN provides a full warranty on all products with the


aforementioned guarantees.


If an instance of damage can be repaired,


then it will be carried out free of charge for the purchaser within the warranty periods.


Should a repair not be possible or not be economically viable for SITDESIGN,


then the object covered by the guarantee will be replaced, deducting a commensurate sum for use amounting to the natural depreciation of the product through the utilization by its user. If replacement should also no longer be possible or not be economically viable for SITDESIGN, then SITDESIGN will replace the defective object covered by the guarantee with a SITDESIGN product that is as comparable and equal in value as possible.


Guarantee work will be carried out in the ordinary course of


business. SITDESIGN will make an effort to carry out guaranteed work without delay.


SITDESIGN alone will decide whether defective products will be repaired,


replaced or substituted.


No new guarantee period will begin upon a repair, replacement


or substitution.

  1. Important: Leather is a natural product. Natural features or wrinkling created during its use are therefore not defects or deficiencies in the quality of SITDESIGN leather under the terms of these manufacturer warranty conditions.

    7. The claims and entitlements enjoyed by purchasers arising from this manufacturer’s guarantee cannot be transferred without approval by SITDESIGN.

    8. This guarantee is only effective if the purchase can be proven in the form of a receipt or invoice, indicating the seller, date of purchase, purchase price and, if possible, the confirmation number for the order or production number (which is located on the furniture in the form of a label).

    9. This guarantee excludes:


Defects in covering materials that do not come from the SITDESIGN collection.


Damage attributable to utilization outside the sphere of the private


home or to any external influence.


Custom designs manufactured by customer request.


Quality, suitability, durability, or defects in covering materials


provided by customers.


Phenomena/phenomena that come with use which are typical for the




Peculiarities owing to the model/design.


Wear resulting from excessive or improper utilization.

  1. Wearing parts, such as joints, hinges, pullouts, zippers, electric motors, electric switches, springs, gas springs, foot rollers, coasters, sliding elements, rollers, flexible bearings, suspensions, and mechanics will be replaced by SITDESIGN free of charge during the warranty periods cited above, and after this warranty, periods lapse it will do so at the price of the spare part or repair.

    11. The guarantee will expire if customers or third parties make repairs or alterations to the object under the guarantee without prior written approval by SITDESIGN.

    12. Under the terms of this guarantee, SITDESIGN will only assume costs directly arising from correcting defects in the object under the guarantee by the foregoing provisions, but will not accept any liability for any consequential loss or damage, such as loss of use, unless such damage is caused deliberately by SITDESIGN or is due to gross negligence on the part of SITDESIGN or unless SITDESIGN makes itself compulsorily liable to the purchaser on account of negligent violation of its principle obligations arising under this contract of guarantee. This shall not affect the purchaser’s legal and/or contractual warranty rights vis-à-vis the seller.

    13. Should SITDESIGN reject a guarantee, the customer’s claims arising from this guarantee will be null and void within six months of receiving SITDESIGN’s notification of rejection.