Based in Istanbul Turkey, Sitdesign has been a well-known and renowned manufacturer of interior furniture for decades. Here we develop and selectively market high-quality interior solutions worldwide.

We design and produce residential, office, hotel, restaurant, cafe, and showroom furniture. With the addition of special elements, your interior will be delivered entirely completed. Not only furniture but also, flooring, curtains, wall coverings, lighting, and accessories are supplied complete and assembled. We process different materials, such as; solid wood, veneer, MDF, glass, marble, granite, brass, stainless steel, leather, and fabric. The highest standards of workmanship are completely delivered all materials are for longevity.

From our very beginning, many years ago, Sit Design has attached special importance to seating comfort that is as perfected and durable as possible. Site design products are now, without exception, characterized by additional useful design-oriented functions which emphasize comfort, are geared to the user, and offer our customers much relaxation and enjoyment. 

For production, Sit Design makes use of the production location in Istanbul, Turkey. This production facility, which is superior in terms of quality and geared to craftsmanship, is known beyond the borders of Turkey and is an additional guarantor of quality, stability, and durability.


Sit Design is a company that manufactures highly qualified furniture and interior items. Founded in 1982 in the Netherlands. Production was moved to Turkey in 1992. The strong workmanship and qualitative and aesthetic modeling are highly valued by local customers. In the ’90s, exports and domestic sales grew to a respectable level. With a very extensive range of products, Sitdesign can set up a complete space without being dependent on third parties. Sitdesign offers its customers before production, a comprehensive design capability.

The design department works hard to present the final result beforehand.

You will see the result in detail before placing the order.




SIT DESIGN has adopted the vision of always providing first-class service to its customers with its special designs without compromising its understanding of comfortable and quality products since 1983.


SIT DESIGN  continues the innovation and quality of being a European-based company. It aims to carry sit design privileges to wider audiences by expanding its global customer base.



 The Sit Design philosophy has always been based on the principle of quality before quantity. We have always held on to solid and lasting values, never bowing to the whims of ephemeral fashion. We develop products that do more than merely look good. Virtually every product contains a small technical sensation that goes way beyond the bounds of simple design to contribute to providing the ultimate in comfort. Although we cling to the tried and tested in our manufacturing processes. Innovation is one of the crucial forces behind our success. To us, being innovative means showing great willingness to learn and change. We don’t wait for success to come to us – we make it happen. We are proud to be able to contribute to the quality of people’s lives with our attractive and functional furniture.

We make the difference.

by Sit Design

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