Why Are Italian Leather Sofas So Stylish? In Europe and worldwide, Italian leather sofas are considered among the finest pieces of furniture you can get for your home or office. The term “Italian leather” denotes a certain standard of quality, and this is similar to Costa Rican coffee, Egyptian cotton, and Turkish tobacco. We think of Italian leather as the most adequate material for luxury sofas; in fact, “Italian Leather Sofa” is the title of a song by the American modern rock band Cake from their 1996 album “Fashion Nugget”.

Italian Leather: a Legacy of Quality and Craftsmanship

As with Turkish tobacco and Costa Rican coffee, the two factors that Italian leather stands out are sourcing and crafting. Italian ranchers take good care of their cattle, and craftsmen use a special vegetable mix to tan the hides. The finishing and coloring processes are extremely meticulous, and national trade associations inspect the quality of leather before it can be certified for import. Needless to say, the Italian leather industry takes pride in following an all-natural process.

Bringing Italian Leather to Your Luxury Sofa

When Italian leather is acquired by furniture makers, it comes with a warranty that covers defects and attests to the durability of the material. Sofa Dreams is committed to making sofas and couches that are not only aesthetic but also extremely durable; we want our clients to enjoy their furniture for a very long time, and this is why we choose Italian leather. Sofa Dreams also offers a five-year Gold Plus Protection Plan that covers your Italian leather sofas against accidents such as stains, burns, scratches, cuts, and structural damage; this plan even offers complete replacement in some cases.

Browse Our Selection of Italian Leather Sofas at Sitdesign.com

When you combine European styling with Dutch Handcrafting and Italian leather, you will eventually find high-quality Sitdesign sofas. You have various top-grain Italian leather selections. You have the option of customizing our products. Our material selections are gorgeous and long-lasting materials perfect for furniture that will be extensively used. 

Sitdesign is a furniture manufacturing and interior architecture company. Our European design philosophy started in the Netherlands in 1983; since then, it has been distributed all around the world. Our products are not only designed but also manufactured in the Netherlands. Check out our website this lets you see exactly how our sofas will look in your home, office, or place of business. If you have any questions, contact us to learn more about our furniture. You can always visit our showroom in Istanbul when you are in Turkey.